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Автор:  umojawe [ 16 мар 2022 09:20 ]
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Less 3 years ago, Valve started requiring the Steam Portable App's 2-factor authentication for the benefit of trading and other features like competitive play. In response to available uproar, Jesse and Geel from created a desktop authenticator workaround, which would effectively emulate the smartphone app on your computer if you couldn't be involved in a smartphone. Valve may not go together with their decision, but the desktop authenticator provided a much-needed alternative exchange for people who couldn't with no manipulate a phone meet to their mother country of residence, monetary commitment, or other reasons, but weren't amenable to dedicate up trading. Even so, bypassing 2-factor authentication in Steam comes with some serious liabilities мобильный аутентификатор стим на пк

Unfortunately, Jesse and Geel did not appointment book a website for the Desktop Authenticator, and kept it exclusively on Github. However, in the vanguard desire a website claiming to be from Jesse and Geel up till popped up. This website forked the protocol from the Desktop Authenticator, with a team a few collateral lines added to send a duplicate of your Steam account to the scammer to his server. If you run his version of the claim, you're not fitting bypassing SteamGuard, you're effectively giving him access to it, in counting up to your account password.

Multiple people drink reported this website as malicious, but over a year later the site remains astir and well, smooth adjacent the top of Google's search results for "Steam Desktop Authenticator". It doesn't look like the problem is affluent away no subject how uncountable people story it or grouse so, I would like to cue everyone that you should at worst download the Steam Desktop Authenticator from Jessecar's Github here

If you bear any doubt as to whether or not the manufacture Steam Desktop Authenticator I'm talking just about is, in fact, malicious, here is a blunt but specialized overview and encipher critique from someone I asked to pilfer a look earlier this year. He was accomplished to recognize the emulate from that website does in fact send your Steam credentials to the scammer's server. With as many people who receive reported the position to no avail, I don't regard as either Google or the website's hosting company bear any draw in taking effect no stuff how varied reports it gets, so we lack to be enlightened of this scam.

Автор:  elisjohn [ 20 сен 2022 18:25 ]
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